Customer Reviews

Date 03/01/2018

By Mynor - SIDEPEX

Subject Weber carb - Manifold and brake booster.

I was in an urgent need of a carburator to get my stock 510 running again and I called my good friend Eddie to see if he could help. Let me tell you, I am glad I did!
Eddie actually surprised me when he told me he had a 32/36 DGV down draft Weber with an Offenhouser manifold........I said what? I can't even remember the last time I saw one of these manifolds?
Eddie gave me a great price and got me out of a jam, I already installed the carb and it works great, my car is up and running again thanks to Eddie!!!

I also bought a brake booster from him for my other dime, and since I bought one from him years ago for my Coupe and it's still working good, then why buy from someone else when his parts are proven to last.
Thank you once again for your prompt service, quality parts and great prices my friend!